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Bruarfoss II Iceland

I started my search for this waterfall very carefully but still ended up taking the wrong turn. Luckily found the correct slip road after an hour of searching. As suggested, this was a totally hidden gem and we kept driving into the wilderness only to find dead ends everywhere. After 45 minutes of frenzy, we got off where the trail to the waterfall was predicted on various blogs. We kept walking in the muddy slimy wilderness with day light diminishing. It was an eerie feeling as we could hear the water gurgling somewhere in the distance but we couldn’t see any clearing to get to it. After some bruises from the thorny shrubs and a free fall in the slippery mud, we reached Brúarfoss! True to its tales, majestic yet humble, calm yet intriguing, persistent yet elusive…….it was a breath taking moment. All the perils to reach this beauty seem completely worth the view!

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