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Face Behind The Name:

My name is Shyama Prasad Mishra and I am a Landscape and Travel Photographer, based in London.
ShutterChemistry is a glimpse of my prospective as an artist and my story as a traveler.

Why Travel and Photography:

I strongly believe our tiny world is shaped by our real life experiences. Experiences, both GOOD and BAD. Travel and Photography, two of my greatest passions in life, help me add new meaning to such experiences.They allow me to see the world through a different prospective, challenging my beliefs, and adding a new dimension to how I perceive all my daily encounters.

My Artistic Vision:

Best light can fade away in minutes. Natural events like changing seasons, weather patterns, tide timing, fog, etc. can also dramatically transform the landscape. In short, "Change is the only constant" in my style of photography.

With such a dynamic environment, it's always a challenge to portray the story in a single frame, without diluting the emotions. Therefore, I like to approach my work with a positive mindset, using pressure as a privilege to push my creative boundaries.

Most of my low mileage luck has already been used up writing exams. So I rely heavily on planning, to get the perfect shot. Knowing about the location in advance also allows me channelize all my attention towards other important aspects like framing, exposure and composition during the actual shoot.

As I gather new tattoos on my passport and soak in various cultures, I have learnt to slow down and appreciate the chemistry we share with our surroundings. I am left awestruck by the beauty of Nature and in my bid to communicate my wanderlust, I use a spectrum of techniques ranging from text book camera tricks to advanced digital blending methods. As the years have gone by, there is so much that our generation has missed out and that our future generations will never be able to witness due to rising levels of human intervention in the path of nature. So I want to inspire my viewers to travel like me and see the beauty first hand or at least through my lens, while it still exists.


Your feedback is valuable and listening to them helps me grow.
So if you have any queries, suggestion or just a friendly note, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at shutterchemistry@gmail.com

All messages are read and replied within 48 hours.
However, there may be occasional delays, while I am traveling.

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